The North American Travel Journalists Association honors travel writers from the USA and Canada annually, selecting stories from a field of 500 entries.  Other winners through the years include writers from National Geographic Traveler, Travel + Leisure Magazine, Washington Post, National Geographic Magazine

TibbettsTravel features receive key honors year after year.

Gold - 2013 NATJA Awards Competition

Byline Travel Column – Less than 250,000 Circulation

Silver Award - 2012 NATJA Awards Competition

“Destination Travel, Domestic Newspaper
Less than 250,000 Circulation ”

Silver Award - 2011 NATJA Awards Competition

“Destination Travel, Domestic Newspaper

Less than 250,000 Circulation”

Travel Media Showcase 2009 & 2010

“Best Prepared Journalist: ready to write about a destination”

2009 NATJA Oklahoma Conference Grand Prize Winner

Oklahoma City: Easy to feel at home with lots to explore

- “Best travel story about Oklahoma City written in 2009”

Enjoy some of my stories, and go visit!

2010 - Silver 2nd place

Kathmandu, Nepal

KATMANDU, Nepal - Yak cheese for breakfast while sitting in a garden of marigolds, greenery and immense pots of floating flower petals, conversations humming in many languages.


2009 - Gold 1st place

Holland in Michigan

HOLLAND, Mi - If picking backyard blueberries for my cereal qualifies as the farm-to-table movement, then I’m an expert-on-vacation, visiting places touting farm-fresh foods, neighborhood brews, farmer’s markets, picnic spots and restaurants owned by community folks.


2009 - Merit Award

Savannah’s Parks and Squares

SAVANNAH, Ga - “People love to find little corner places,” Ginger Duncan observed the day I stumbled across her corner in Savannah.

This Georgia city near the sea just might have more corners than most since its blocks are filled ...


2008 - Historical Travel Merit Award

Manassas and the Marines

MANASSAS, Va - Wonder what they packed for lunch, those families with the picnic baskets watching the first battle of the Civil War at Manassas, Virginia, July 21, 1861? That’s the fight everyone thought would be over quickly and the troubles would end.


2008 - Historical Travel Merit Award

Taking the Cure: Little Rock, Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Two fine doctors told me last month to consider taking meds for what ails me, but I took a bath instead. A long one, and I went to Arkansas to do it.

Thousands of people made that choice ...


2008 - Series Merit Award

Peru: Magical Journey

SACRED VALLEY, Peru - Six men stood very still, a rope wrapped ‘round their waists supporting the 25 foot pole they had just lowered in a deep hole filled with fresh cement.

I was thinking my own thoughts, hiking ...


Exploring the Jungle
Series Merit Award

INFIERNO COMMUNITY, Peru - Mosquito netting around my bed wouldn’t stop the jaguar about to charge through my room in Peru’s jungle in the middle of August.

Or so I thought just before first light.


2008 - Merit Award

Moonshine & Racing Cars, Dawson County, Georgia

DAWSONVILLE, Ga. - A swig of moonshine ought to be poured every time the checkered flag drops. Or maybe every time the green flag signals the start or the lead car makes another lap.

That’s just how tight the ties are between ...


2007 - Gold 1st place series

Explore Montana 

WHITEFISH, Mt. - No need to wait for snow on Big Mountain to head for Whitefish, Montana, although lots of people do. This ski town pumps in the middle of summer with spectacular flowers, diverse restaurants, non-stop sports, all kinds of different lodging ...


Explore Montana   Gold 1st place series

FLATHEAD LAKE, Mt. - Thinking about a possible Montana holiday? Northwest corner perhaps? That will give you splendid Glacier National Park, interesting Whitefish with Big Mountain, and then, even more.

Surprised me how much more. ...


2007 - Merit Award

Missouri: A New Way to look at the Civil War 

ST. JOSEPH, MO - Fort Sumter wasn’t first, or so they say in Missouri when folks talk about the Civil War. They’re even advertising the idea in Smithsonian and other national publications.

Missouri historians are holding on ...


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2011 - Silver 2nd place

Cleveland, Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland inspired me.  Talk about a town reinventing itself. This city on Lake Erie overflows with families in neighborhoods, enjoying their own restaurants and shops and sharing the results with visitors.


2012 - Silver 2nd place

New York City

   - with century old immigrant eyes

NEW YORK CITY, New York - I found my dearly departed grandma near the Statue of Liberty this winter. Her name, and my grandfather’s are inscribed on the Ellis Island Wall of Honor...


2013 - Gold 1st place

Meeting the civilians of Gettysburg

GETTYSBURG, Pennsylvania - No disrespect intended, but the battles of Gettysburg and their strategies elude me. Re-enactments too.

Travel to famous, greatly honored places should excite and uplift, so I’ve skirted Gettysburg for a lifetime...